People to People, Our Global

          Community Projects




In addition to outstanding service to our clients, Destination Partners is committed to working collaboratively towards the betterment of the communities in which we work. Please visit our “Sponsored Nonprofit Page”, BeeGaia, inc to see how Destination Partners is making a difference in our world.





Haiti 2010 - 2020

As part of ou global mission, this endeavor works to

address the problem of child malnutrition. “Vitamins

for Haiti Project” , supports a New Life Children

Home, in Port Au Prince.








Ghana 2003 - 2020

Torgome Village

in Ghana’s Volta Region, is another

BeeGaia project where Destination Partners brings

university students for deep immersion in village life,

with the goal of aiding educational development

projects in the village. In 2013 our Director, Maria

Luisa Carter, was honored with the title of Queen





Brazil 2000 - 2020

In Acajatuba Village, in Brazil’s Amazon, we support a

micro-enterprise project for sustainable Eco-tourism in

partnership with BeeGaia, 501,c3 nonprofit

organization. Destination Partners started this project

15 years ago, bringing students from American

Universities to learn about Brazilian culture,

interacting with the local community and encouraging

appropriate forms of

tourism in the area.


Time for Action, 2021 

Ready, Set, Go!

2021 is just around the corner and Destination Partners is here to help planning your programs. It’s as easy as…


#1. Have questions about the suitability of a destination for your program? Let’s BRAINSTORM IDEAS. Contact us to talk about the best options available to meet your requirements for logistics and content


#2. Ask for a CUSTOMIZED PROPOSAL, we’ll provide a program ready to be adapted to your needs. Want to conference call with our on-the-ground partners to drill down even more into the details? We love that!


#3. Let’s also talk about HEALTH & SAFETY. Risk Management is Job #1 for us, and with 36 years in group travel management our record is impeccable. We will apply our experience and protocols to meet the challenges of today.


#4. Finally, you can proceed with confidence because of our dedication to FLEXIBILITY & SECURITY when it comes to your payments. Destination Partners has negotiated with our long-time suppliers to protect your interests.